Our Parking Lot

Our parking lot is designed to make traffic flow very slow and safe. When dropping off your child please give yourself lots of time and be patient. If your child is eligible to avail of busing services we recommend that they ride as this is a safe way to get to school and would cut down on the amount of traffic on the parking lot.

When arriving on our parking lot there are two lanes in which you may drive into.

Drop Off Lane

The lane furthest to the left is the drop-off lane. There is no parking in this lane. It is designed to be a drop-off only. Signage is posted where you are to stop and drop your child off. This is by the kindergarten entrance, not at the main entrance. Parents are asked to stop, have your child get out of the car, and when they are safely on their way into the school you may move to the end of the lane in which you need to carefully merge with other vehicles in the right lane in order to vacate the parking lot.

Parking Lane

The lane furthest to the right allows you to access our parent parking lot. There are parking spaces all along the front of the school and on the outside portion of the lot after the stop sign. Please use common sense when finding a parking spot. Please do not park along the fence, on the grass, on the crosswalk, etc. If your parking impedes with a driver's vision of a student/ pedestrian walking on our lot or interferes with the flow of the parking lot then please do not park there. If you drive through and cannot find a place we recommend you loop around Price's Avenue/Park Street and re-enter the parking lot. When parking please walk your child into the school. Students are not to be walking into the building themselves unless they are being dropped off in the drop-off lane.

2:15 Dismissal

After school we ask that parents park in the parent parking spaces and proceed into the school to pick-up their child. There will be no parking in the drop-off lane as this area is reserved for daycare bus parking only.